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Nursing Service Division Training Framework

Our Transformational Paradigm

The Nursing Service Division (NSD) Training Framework has been utilized since 2005. The challenges that the NSD is experiencing and forecasting such as increase in turn-over rates, broadening culture of research in the institution in terms of evidenced based practices and utilization of our studies and the need to gear our nurses in terms of clinical skills enhancements and succession planning for leadership, brought the creation of the framework.

The first thrust of training is Clinical Foundation of our nurses and it is anchored in the Nursing Process as represented by the initial row of the model with the assessment, planning, intervention and evaluation. Another flagships of our division are the development of clinical skills, research and leadership which stand equidistant to the two pathways- Clinical and Managerial.

The advancement of our nurses are progressed through the second thrust of training that is Continuous Education through Patricia Benner’s (1982) Novice to Expert diagram as represented by the escalating ladder and light to bold colors. In order to enforce and recognize future nurse clinician and nurse executive, the Clinical and Managerial pathways will set direction for their nursing career. The forward arrows represents SJDEFI moving beyond the conventional clinical skills, research and leadership and to encapsulate the vision of the division, the arc serves as a link that balances both the pathways towards clinical and leadership excellence.

The training framework carries the vision of a Clinical and Managerial Pathway Transcending Clinical Skills, Research and Leadership towards Clinical - Leadership Excellence.

Gearing SJDEFI’s Pathway to CPD

As part of the mission of the institution in the professional development of the health care providers by conducting trainings and formation and in line with compliance to the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) Republic Act 10912, known as the “Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Act of 2016”, the division has become an accredited CPD Provider by the PRC – Board of Nursing (BON). The certification for the Nursing Profession was awarded last 2018.

CAMP-ME as a Game Changing Strategy in Mobilizing Effective Delegation & Collaboration

(January- November, 2017)

We Connect and Engage Towards Innovation

Collaborative Assembly of Managers Proactively-Moved by Engagement (CAMP-ME) is an approach of the Nursing Service Division to proactively transform the mind-set of the nurse managers’ towards teamwork and collaborative engagements and delegation capacities as the vital logistics in achieving the demands of the 21st century.

Solidarity in the Spirit of our Leadership Mission

The Nursing Service Division Directors, Section and Unit Managers, Training Coordinators and Staff bounded by their mission of servant leadership.